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How is the Viduthalai film?

viduthalai The film released by director Vethimaran starring Soori and Vijay Sethupathi
Ilayaraja has composed music for this film.
Also Soori Vijay Sethupathi Bhavani Sri Gautham Menon and others
They acted in this film.

Steal a big mountain when you see the plot of the film
A huge company that can think of making money out of it
A mountain that belongs to our people and our local workers
One group fights that we will not allow another to earn by stealing.

How is the movie of Pathu Thala?

The leader of the group is ordered to be captured alive or dead
After that, the police force enters the field and what happens after that is the story of the film
The government is planning to build a mine nearby in a town called Arumapuri but this mine
An extremist group called People’s Force led by Vijay Sethupathi is fighting against it
Indulging in many terrorist activities like train bombings and killing of policemen
The government is getting to know who Vijay Sethupathi is the leader of the people.

Soori, who joins the group as a driver, sees Vijay Sethupathi a couple of times
Due to his duty-bound Soori superior Chetan disobeyed the orderA memo is given and punishment is given.


Viduthalai Movie

DSP Gautham Menon is appointed as the new officer of the police team
After that the team found Vijay Sethupathi Suri
How he gets into it is the rest of the story of the film
The story line for the film has been chosen in the jungle
The actors selected for the characters in the film where the police team is located
As each has shown marked over-commitment.

Films that continue to be heavily criticized in Tamil cinema
He continues to be one of the most successful directors who can give.

Those who thought Soori as the heroine in Kumaran was a police driver who saw this film
To what extent Soori has played the role
Everyone will be surprised to see that even in a place earlier than this
Comedian Soori will not be seen in the film

Even if he is a superior, why should he apologize when he has done nothing wrong
Love falls on Bhavani Sri who has the character and his romantic performance attracts attention
For the last half hour of the film, Soori’s performance gets whistles in the theater for Axon too
It can be said that this is one of the most important roles that Soori got
This character is unique in his cinematic journey.

Gautham Vasudevan has played the role of DSP and he has played the role perfectly
Chetan, who works as an IPO under him, has given his performance brilliantly
Seeing Soori, the change in him brings out his performance.



Bhavani Sri plays a hill village girl opposite Soori
In a scene that can express the sadness of losing his parents
Makes us dizzy. viduthalai

Vijay Sethupathi has very few scenes as far as fit is concerned
It seems that Vijay Sethupathi will come for the second part after the completion of the film
Some of the scenes for the second part are quite exciting.

Censor Board has given A certificate to the film because of this film
The trial footage has been shown very clearly even after being censored
It’s really amazing that such scenes are taking place.

That is why this film has been given an A certificate
The explosion scenes are the only few scenes of the film after the break
It fails to add to the appeal and the rest of the places are well located.

Ilayaraja has composed his music for this film
He has shown uniqueness especially the background music is enjoyable
Two songs are mesmerizing and another is mind melting
Vetrimaran is one of the best directors
He is proving it in every film. viduthalai


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