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Nayanthara No matter how much I pay, I will not act with him again

Actress Nayanthara, who is emerging as a lady superstar in the South Indian film industry,
has come to a decision that she will no longer work with Ajith.
Nayanthara is a leading actress in the Tamil film industry.
Actress Nayanthara and Vignesh got married last year.

Actress Nayanthara currently has several films lined up,
especially Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawaan,which is being made with a huge budget,
and in which Nayanthara is acting opposite Shah Rukh Khan, and Vijay Sethupathi is playing the villain in the film.
Although he has acted in many films, Now it is reported that he is in Sema Absat and this is because of actor Ajith.
Ajith’s Next film coming out today?
Lyca Productions had already officially announced that Vignesh Sivan would be directing Ajith’s 62nd film.
It was also said that it was Nayanthara who bought Vignesh Sivan
the opportunity to direct Ajith’s 62nd film.
There were already reports that Vignesh Evan got this opportunity only because he spoke to Ajith.
Vignesh Sivan was preparing to direct Ajith’s 62nd film after preparing the script for the film.In the end,
it was reported that Vignesh Sivan was suddenly removed from the film.


Recently, Vignesh Sivan also confirmed that he is not in Ajith’s 62nd film. Because the story he told did not satisfy Ajith and Leica. They removed him from the film and replaced him with Mazhilthruimeni.
ActressNayanthara is furious with actor Ajith for dropping Vignesh Sivan
from AK 62 when the shooting for the film is all set to begin.
Due to this information has come out that Nayanthara has taken a drastic decision.
Accordingly, it is said that ActressNayanthara has come to the conclusion that she will not act together with Ajith
No matter how many crores are paid.
Before this, actor Ajith and actress Naya nthara have worked together in many films.
In that way, Billa, Agan has worked together in the films
Viswasam Despite all such information coming out on the one hand,
Nayan-thara and Vignesh Sivan have not made any kind of announcement till now.

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