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How is the movie of Pathu Thala?

Pathu Thala Simbu is a movie directed by Obili Krishnan starring him
When you see the story of the movie Pathu Thala
At the very beginning, the Chief Minister is kidnapped by people who kidnapped the Chief Minister
In an undercover operation to find out why they were kidnapped
A police officer steps in.

After that what information is available to the police officer
The film crew has decided the story of the film.

If you are going to see it as a great strength, then you should say Simbu
That AGR would have been such a big strength for that role
That’s what I want to say
He has completed the work given to him perfectly.

As far as Simbu is concerned, it only comes before the break of the film
I have to say that his fans are a bit disappointed
when the remake is done It would have been better if it had been tweaked.

From the very beginning of the film, the actor is trying to show Simbu without showing him
The plot moves and Simbu’s action begins before the interval
His kingdom continues.


When the viewers get to know who Simbu is, we have a big crush on him
The director is wrong to emphasize that sympathy should be felt.

After Simbu, he is the biggest character in this film
It was the role that both Gautham Karthik and Gautham Vasude Menon gave themselves
They have done it perfectly.

He is his next to come Priya Bhavani Shankar Tahsildar
Gautham has done the character very well and is seen as Karthi’s girlfriend
But the character is not told very emphatically.

Gautham Menon is the deputy director of the film
Should be the main villain but Simbu’s negative as the main villain
Gautham Menon can only be seen as a supporting
villain in the film as he is playing the character.

How about a Pathu Thala film

As usual, in this movie too, there are some traitors as Simbu’s servants
Especially for fans of the second half of this film than the first half
It is a huge treat for Simbu fans.


This film is already a hugely talked about film
We know that it is a remake of the Kannada language movie Mupdi
If only Simbu would have made the storyline more interesting and satisfied the fans
This film is sure to be a huge hit
A little distance away from it is the ten head.

AR Raghman, the music director of this film, has composed the background score
Needless to say, the background music was amazing
Although the songs of the film are not much talked about, the Rawadi song has definitely attracted the fans
However, it seems that the song was meant to be placed here.

The way the film’s cameraman handles the visual settings of this film
What was truly enjoyable were the climax scene setups
It was very perfect and the frame was arranged in such a way
as to stimulate the taste of the fans.

There are some incredible visual settings in this film
It was truly commendable that Simbu did not
Gautham Karthik replaced Simbu in those scenes

If more attention was paid to the screenplay
and visual settings
Simbu’s dominance is high only after the interval where the film is doing well
If Simbu was brought into the script
as much as possible in the first track
Simbu’s mass action in this film will be a huge treat for the fans
But it’s not a complete treat in this pathu thala film


But the second part of this film is a big treat for Simbu fans
We say it once again Ram Charan is New Movie Game Changer
It has to pass the first part.

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