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Oscar winning Elephant Whispers Movie

Elephant Whisperers Oscar The Oscars for 2023 are currently being awarded
The 95th Oscars ceremony is being held in Los Angeles, USA
The festival is in full swing at the Dolby Theater.

The event was hosted by famous Hollywood actor Jimmy Kimmel from India
The Elephant Whisperers, this time in the Documentary category of Man That Breathes
They were also nominated in the documentary short category.
In the end, The Elephant Whisperers won the Oscar
Indian cinema fans are celebrating this.

Oscar winning RRR Nattu Nattu song

This documentary film was directed by Karthiki Kansalavas from Tamil Nadu.
The film was produced by Kunith Menga who had already praised Suriya starrer Soorarai pottru
It is also noteworthy that he was the co-producer of the film.

The Elephant Whisperers is a documentary film about a Mudumalai couple in the Nilgiris district
Apart from that, it will take care of two baby elephants who are separated from their mother
A film about a Bomman couple from Nilgiri Mudumalai
This is an event in Tamil Nadu that has now won an Oscar.


In 2017, he wandered around Tenkanikottai area
after being separated from his mother
The male baby elephant was separated from its mother in 2018 and
wandered around Sathyamangalam area
Another elephant has also been brought to the camp at Mudumalai.

Elephant Whisperers winner Oscar

Ramu is responsible for rearing these two elephants named Ammu
Bomman Belli was handed over to the couple by both of them
They used to raise baby elephants as their own children.

One day when Pomman was walking in Road with an elephant named Raghu, it was in the first place
For the first time, a documentary film director has seen a woman from Utaga called Karthiki Gonsalves.

As soon as Kartiki saw the elephant, he followed it to catch it.
Then Kartiki saw Raghu playing in the water with Bomman
There is a desire to make a short film focusing on affection.

After this, he started directing a short film called The Elephant Whisperers in 2017.


It took him five years to complete the short film.
A total of 450 hours Karthiki, who filmed this, is the reason why he has a great love for nature
Karthik tells them that it is because of their family.

Karthiki’s mother loves animals and so does Kartiki
His father was a photographer and Karthik became very interested in animals.

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