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New controversy about Ajith AK 62 and AK 63Movie

AK62 AK63 Pongal special starring Thala Ajith on 11th January The movie was released.
Many fans were waiting for this Thunivu movie.

Thunivu movie is from almost 60 years in Tamil Nadu
65 percent of theaters and not only that but many other important ones

Pranitha subhash posed to look radiant

Thunivu  movie has conquered the main screen theaters as well.

Because the Thunivu film retained more theaters where more audiences could sit and watch


The expectations for the film were high among the fans and the collection of the film was also increasing.

Usually the first movie that Ajith can act in
For three days the theater will display like a festival.

Thunivu – AK62 AK63

Apart from that, Thala Ajith is described as the king of opening in Tamil cinema
Ajith has once again proved that he is the king of opening

Similarly, Thunivu movie is getting good reviews among the fans.
Due to this, many fans are constantly invading the cinema to watch the movie  Thunivu

Thunivu  movie has already received good reviews among the public.


In the same work, we have received information that the movie  Thunivu will be released in OTT.
Netflix holds the digital rights of  Thunivu
A huge amount has been paid and bought. AK62 AK63

Netflix has decided to release  Thunivu on Netflix OTT on February 10.
There is a high possibility that an important announcement related to it will come out very soon
Thunivu  is directed by Vinod and Boney Kapoor has produced this film

Also in this film Ajith Manju Variyar John Kogan Samuthirakani
GM Sundar Mahanadi Shankar Prem Bhagwati Perumal
Many stars including Mohanasundaram Veera acted together in this film.

Gibran composed the music for this film

AK 62

After this Vignesh Sivan will direct Ajith’s 62nd film
It will be produced by Lyca Productions.


It was official last March that Anirudh will compose music for the film
The announcement was made by Lyca Productions.

But in the last few days Ajith’s 62nd film
Director Vignesh Sivan is not going to direct
Vignesh Sivan said that he and Ajith did not agree on the script
Information is constantly coming out.

But this is also a shoot for Ajith’s 62nd film till Naan
Not started Ajith has toured European countries.

For the past few days, there has been a new kind of controversy about this film.
Director Vignesh Sivan has been removed from the film
They also say that another director is going to direct this film instead of him.

Vishnuvarathan replaces Vignesh Sivan in Ajith’s 62nd film
Information is coming out that it will be run.


Billa, Arambam with Vishnuvardhan Ajith already,
It is also noteworthy that he has directed the films

AK 63

Apart from that, the director is Ajith’s 63rd film
Another rumor is that Atlee is going to direct.

Director Atlee has already directed films like Theri Mersal Bigil with Vijay

But reports are also coming out that Ajith and Atlee’s alliance is not confirmed.

Someone is deliberately involved in Ajith’s film
They say that information is being spread wrongly on social media


It will all be over in a few days AK62 AK63
It is also said that an update on Vignesh Sivan’s Ajith film may come out.

Even though some fake information has been coming out continuously till then,
It is also said not to be surprised.

And once again Vignesh Sivan is going to direct Ajith’s 62nd film
Vignesh Sivan and Lyca Productions are bound to confirm.

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