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Da Da Full Flim Review

Da Da Full Movie Tata is Kavin’s upcoming film after Lift.
This one film is about his close college friend Ganesh
K. Babu has made his debut in Tamil cinema as a debut director.

Aparnathas, who acted in the film Beast, has acted opposite Gavin in this.
Also VTV. Ganesh Pakyaraj and many others have acted in this film.

Although we have seen many stories in Tamil cinema so far.
It is the way of saying it that will make the fans enjoy it.
Many are sure to bring audiences to the theatres.
The same is what this film is trying to do.

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The central problem of the film is the ego between the lovers
Some children get separated due to the fact that the separated people are together or not. That is the interesting plot in the screenplay.


Both Kavin Aparna are lovers in college
One day their intimacy goes to bed and Aparna becomes pregnant.
Aparna tells Gavin to abort the pregnancy and says she will end up having a baby.

After that they are left alone in the houses of Aparna Das and Gavin.

Dada Full Film

Both rent a house and stay there
From time to time the two have a continuous fight.

One day there is a big fight between the two and Gavin goes to the office in anger
He turns off the mobile phone.

At that time, Aparna goes into labor and gives birth in the hospital.
After returning home at night, Aparna comes to know what happened after the birth of the child.


Gavin rushes to the hospital where the baby is alone.
Aparna  No without even looking at the baby
Gavin comes to know that he went to his parents’ house.

Saying that I will never forgive you for the rest of this life
He starts raising the child with him.
What happens after that is the rest of the story of the film.

Most parents expect love while reading.
But which parent would accept that a child is a child while studying.

Both Gavin and Aparna are in such a situation.
Alone with the help of a friend without parental support
They start their lives.

Child life at the age of immaturity Da Da Full Movie
All the problems faced come to them.
Actor Gavin can count on anything to make a living
Aparna gets very angry even for small things.


That is the main reason for understanding between these two.
As Gavin and I have done many films before,
They have shown good acting skills.

Even though we have seen many stories in Tamil cinema,
They are a little different from it
They have done exactly what they could.

Da Da Full Movie Review

Gavin is his number Harish and VTV Ganesh
He is appreciated wherever he helps.

Based on a sentimental story that is a completely realistic
Appreciation for giving this movie.

Gavin is his father and mother in this picture
Not a big deal, just to say
His son looks very handsome.


There are bound to be logical violations in this film.
Climax of the film Aparna should have acted better.
Needless to say, he didn’t do it right.

Beyond the actors, the background score of the film is the biggest strength of the film
The debutant composer has contributed well.

The biggest strength of the film goes beyond the actors the
background music plays
The debutante composer has contributed well.

The cinematographer for the film also did his best
It has to be said that he has revealed
These are very helpful in moving the film together.

While studying in college, you should stop with love.
Advice not to go to the child like this
I don’t know why the film team missed it.


Only if such things are strictly said,
It will be a good awareness for fans and the public
It’s wrong for the film crew to do that.

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