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Dhanush is Vaathi Movie Releaseed on OTT

Vaathi Watch Dhanush’s movie Vaathi was released on February 17
The film was released in two languages, Tamil and Telugu Samyukta acted opposite Dhanush in the film Vengi Aara.The movie Vaathi focused on the malpractices in the education sector The film was released as Sir in Telugu and Vaathi in Tamil The film was well received by the audience.
As far as Sir is concerned, Dhanush was set to be a direct Telugu film
Thus Dhanush got a good opening through this film
It has also received good reviews Maaveeran pre release business of sivakarthikeyan

A combination of Tamil and Telugu languages
It has been reported that a total of over 118 crores has been collected
Apart from that, Dhanush’s already released Tiruchirampalaam
The movie made 100 crore rupees and left everyone in awe.

Although the film was not advertised that much The film was well received by the fans.
Although Vaathi received mixed reviews from a few quarters
In terms of collection, this fruit is the most important film in Dhanush’s film journey
Word movie is joining the list of films that cross Rs 100 crore
Making the film’s production company and Dhanush’s fans even more happy.

Vaathi Watch or Download

Now actor Dhanush is acting in his movie Captain Miller
The shooting for this film is going on continuously.
The film will be released in languages ​​like Tamil, Telugu and Hindi
It is also said to be a pan India movie if that is the case It will be a record-breaking film for Dhanush’s film career It can be said that the release of the
film and the reception among the fans will be more successful in terms of collection.

And Netflix has acquired the digital rights for Vaathi
Vaathi released on February 17th
On March 17, Netflix is ​​currently releasing it on their OTT site.
Vaathi movie Download Or Watch


If you haven’t seen this Vaathi movie in theaters now
Neb Phillips has published this film on Netflix.
Actor Dhanush was already acting in Tamil Hindi Hollywood films
Dhanush’s Vaathi is now a new platform in Telugu cinema
Because of this, his film business is continuously expanding.

If GV Prakash Kumar has composed the music, so will the film’s background music
The songs were very attractive to the fans Especially the song “Vaa Vaathi” captivated everyone’s hearts.Captain Miller followed by DhanushHe is acting in his fiftieth film and this film is being produced by Sun Pictures
It has already been officially announced.

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