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Maaveeran pre release business of sivakarthikeyan

Sivakarthikeyan is currently acting in the movie Maaveeran
This movie is directed by the same
director who directed the Mandela movie Directed by Madon Ashwin.
Aditi Shankar opposite Sivakarthikeyan in this film
Myshkin is an important part of this one movie
He is acting by accepting the character.

Maaveeran movie is being made in two languages, Tamil and Telugu
For the already released movie Prince starring Siva karthikeyan
Siva karthikeyan got a huge opening in Telugu with good reception.

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Maaveeran movie is made in two languages, Tamil and Telugu It has been reported that
The total budget of this film including both languages ​​is Rs 18 crore
18 crore excluding Sivakarthikeyan’s salary
But the fact that the film business is a free release business is surprising.

Digital rights of Maaveeran movie
Amazon Prime has also acquired the rights to Satellite Rites
Sun TV has bought the company.


Maaveeran pre release business

To purchase OTT rights and theatrical rights rights
According to the information received so far, there is fierce competition
85 crores including OTT, satellite, theater rights, audio rights
We have received information that they have oversold.
Sivakarthikeyan’s film career has earned over Rs 85 crores
Pre-release business is done for this one movie only.
Shanthi Talkies company Maaveeran in Tamil and Telugu
Produced in two languages, the Free Business Production Company exceeded expectations
Many times more profit has been obtained.
Amazon Prime Video has bought the digital rights of this film.
Red Giant Movies has bought the Tamilnadu theater rights.

There are reports that there are some issues with the release of Maaveeran
It is continuously released.
Sivakarthikeyan’s last release was Don Prince Among them, Prince’s film did not receive the expected reception among the fans.
So much for Sivakarthikeyan’s Maveeran though
A big deal has taken everyone by surprise.

And if free business has happened to
this extent It is also said that
the box office collection of Maveeran will increase manifold.
Similarly, the final stage of shooting for the movie Maaveeran is going on
As soon as possible for the film with all the shooting completed
The release date of the film is to be announced
by the team.It has been
reported that the film will release at the end of this year.

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