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Photos from Chiyaan VikramTangalaan shooting location

Thangalaan movie Chiyaan Vikram’s film Thangalaan directed by Ba Ranjith

Tangalaan is the first film where Ranjith and Vikram worked together
Since the last release of Chiyaan Vikram’s Ponniyin Selvan had received a huge response from the fans and
That one was directed by Mani Ratnam.
Vikram played the role of Aditya Karigalan in Ponniyin Selvan

Following this, there is a huge expectation among the fans for the film Thangalan, which is currently being produced by Vikram.

Vikram’s Thangalaan is directed by Ranjith and produced by Gnanavel Raja’s Studio Green.

When pujas were offered for this one film, the film’s director Ba. Ranjith Sian Vikram
G.V. Prakash Kumar Gnanavel Raja and others also participated


Not only that, the official announcements for the film were out last year
The team has also released a video for the film
The video received good support from the fans

GV Prakash Kumar is composing the music for Tangaalan movie and the songs of this movie are related
GV Prakash Kumar has made the announcement

Thangalaan movie

Thangalaan movie

Among the information that he may have released in this regard are two for the film Tangalan so far
Preparation of the songs has been completed and both the songs have come in good shape.

I have used international standard audio for the first time in this film.

Jeevi Prakash also said that I have never used such an initiative before
This announcement of his is going viral


Pan India is making Thangalaan movie in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam,
It will be released in languages ​​including Kannada


Ranjith had already said in an interview that this film will tell the true history of KGF
Also, the team has decided to make this film in 3D and the talks are currently underway

Chiyaan Vikram, Pashupati, Parvathy, Malavika Menon and many others are acting together in this film.
Netflix already owns the digital rights for the movie Tangalaan
The Pongal special is being bought for a huge amount by Netflix
It is also noteworthy that it was officially announced.

Meanwhile, the shooting for the film Tangalaan is currently in the KGF areas of the Kolar gold mine
Currently, the shooting of the film is going on
In this situation, actor Vikram has published some photos taken from the shooting site.

We have seen this photo of actor Vikram in a different bad look and are wondering if it is Vikram
As actor Vikram is constantly acting in the sun, we can feel that his complexion has changed a little


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