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Why is actor Simbu’s 48th film not launched?

STR 48 movie Actor Simbu’s last release was Pathu Thala
The film was
directed by
Uppili N Krishna
and composed by AR Raghuman

Although the film released and received mixed reviews among the fans
Simbu’s acting skills were especially
appreciated by everyone
The second part was
set in which Simbu gave his fans a huge treat

After this Simbu in his acting world hero Kamal Haasan his own production company
Simbu is his forty-eighth film in the makingIt has already been
officially announced that director Desingu Periyasamy,

AK 62 Movie Do you know when it starts

who had already directed the super hit movie
Kannum Kannum Kollai Adithal, is going to direct Simbu’s next film.


Even after a few months of the announcement, the shooting of the film is yet to begin as
actor Simbu has refused to come to the shoot and a rumor is spreading like wildfire that he is not shooting.

At this stage it is also reported
that it is not true as
actor Simbu has not refused to come to the shoot
and the pre-production work for Simbu’s
48th film is yet
to be completed.

The film crew has decided to conduct the first phase of the shooting in Chennai.
The work for the shooting of this film is going on in Chennai for almost two weeks.

After completing it, many groups are constantly consulting on where and
when to conduct the next phase of filming

That’s why the shooting of this film is getting
delayed and it is said
that the budget of this film is going to be
the biggest budget and the biggest budget that Simbu has ever acted in.


With such a huge budget in hand, the crew and the director
have decided not to incur any unnecessary expenses.

STR 48 Movie New Update for Shooting

That’s why I finished the work for the film very patiently
Once the shooting for the film starts,
the entire film will be shot in a very few days
Many groups have decided to complete the work one after the other

And as far as the director Desingu Periyasamy is concerned, the shooting work for this film
It has been decided that it will be
held by the end of this month,
but it remains to be seen
whether it will happen

But within this year,
The entire shooting for this
film will be completed
the film will be ready for release
He is determined to take it to the limit.

Through this it was said that
actor Simbu was
refusing to come to the shoot
Untrue information is certain
Soon the shooting of the film will begin in two weeks time.


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