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Actor Ajith Kumar’s father passed away

Ajith is one of the leading actors of Tamil cinema
A major statement was also released today in which Ajith et al
Ajith’s brothers jointly released a single statement.

Our father was ill for several days and was bedridden.
He passed away in his sleep this morning for four years
Love our father who suffered from stroke
We have been caring and caring for our family
We are indebted to all the doctors present.

Our father 60 years with our mother’s love and devotion,
He lived a good life.

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In this sad time many inquire about the death news of our fathers
Call us on phone to console our family
Or send SMS and inquire.


In the current environment we cannot accept your call or
We are unable to send a reply.We hope you understand that.

We consider our father’s funeral to be a family affair.
So all of us are saddened and bereaved to learn of this death
Be understanding and accommodate the family’s grief
Co-operation to carry out funeral rites privately
The statement said that we pray.

Apart from that, the actor heard the news of Ajith’s father’s death
Many important politicians and actors of Tamil Nadu including the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu
Many directors are celebrities of the screen world
Following the death of actor Ajith’s father
They are expressing their sympathy.

Ajith father passed away

Actor Ajith Kumar’s condolence post posted by Chief Minister Stalin
I am saddened to hear the news of Father Subramaniam’s passing away due to ill health
Ajith Kumar also conveyed my deepest condolences to the bereaved father.
Similarly, in the condolence message published by the opposition leader Edappadi Palaniswami
A leading actor of the Tamil film world who kept himself
Dear Brother Mr. Ajith Kumar’s father Mr. Subramaniam passed away
I am sorry to hear the news Mr. Vadum who lost his father. Ajith Kumar and
My deepest condolences to his family.
Also many Ajith fans visit his house
This report has been published with the preconceived notion that
Also Ajith’s house has been given proper security.
Similarly, actor Vijay is one of the leading actors of Tamil cinema
Ajith’s father went to condole his death
Ajith’s father Subramaniam’s body to Besant Nagar Min Mayan
His body was brought there by vehicle and cremated.
Ajith and his family attended the funeral.

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