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When Thala Ajith is Vida Muyarchi Films

Thala Ajith is waiting to create a lot of anticipation for his performance in the movie VidaMuyarchi
This film is going to be
directed by Mizhil Thirumeni
and Anirudh is going to compose the music for this film

The major announcement is already that Niravsha is going to work as the cameraman of this film
Actor Ajith’s birthday is
officially announced on May 1st

However, when will the Ghanaian filming of this movie begin?
The question comes from the fan base

It was at the same event that the announcement of Ajith’s 
Vida Muyarchi film was released
At that time actor Ajith is touring Bhutan by bike
He has not returned to India yet

So when will the shooting start for this  Vida Muyarchi film
Questions and expectations about when
Ajith will come and join the
shoot will be completed
It became more and more popular among the fans day by day


Now we have information that puts an end to all of that
Actor Ajith will return to Chennai on May 20

VidaMuyarchi Shooting Plan

After he came to Chennai, all the shooting work for the film  VidaMuyarchi
It is reported that it may be held in Chennai

As for the first phase of the film, the team has decided to complete the entire shoot in
Chennai for 40 days It is also said that after that,
the shooting of  Vida Muyarchi
will take place in as
many states as possible in India.

Why is actor Simbu’s 48th film not launched?

It is also said that there are continuous talks with
Bollywood actresses to star opposite Ajith in  VidaMuyarchi


In that way, Kangana Ranaut, who acted in Thalaivi,
has acted in Chandramukhi 2
Talks are said to have been held
with him and Kareena Kapoor next followed by Katrina Kaif

After completing the shooting for this movie, actor Ajith is all set to start his world tour again from November.

By then,
the shooting for this film has been completed
After completing the dubbing work, actor Ajith Kumar is going to continue his journey

If he resumes his world tour then Ajith will come back and resume his film journey after almost one and a half years.
In that case, there is no chance of any film of Ajith releasing for almost 2.6 years.
As for this film,
it is said that there is a possibility that it will be released next year
on Pongal or some other auspicious date.

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