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Ajith’s Thunivu Movie is a huge achievement on Netflix

Thunivu Movie Watch Netflix After Thadvu, actor Ajith Kumar’s next film AK 62 was directed by Vignesh Sivan.
Now there are reports that the company has removed Vignesh Sivan from the film.
Ajith’s directorial change in 62 is currently seen as the biggest highlight in Tamil cinema circles.
While it was announced last year that Vignesh Sivan was going to direct the film first
Almost 8 months have passed.
At this stage, the director of the film was changed and everyone was surprised
Has also caused shock..
The film is currently coming in the first week of February
Rumors have been circulating that Vigneshwar was fired from the very job where the shoot was decided to take place.

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Director Majidhirumeni has joined the directorial committee of the film instead of Vignesh Sivan.
It is also said that Vignesh Sivan was removed from the film because he was not satisfied with the story told by him
Ajith’s film Thunivu was released worldwide on January 10.

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The film was produced by Bonikapur and directed by H Vinod. Gibran composed the music for this film.
Ajith, Manju Warrior, Samuthirakani and many others acted together in this film.
Thunivu movie is released as an action thriller movie and is well received by the fans
Similarly, good collections were accumulated.


Ajith is Thunivu Movie Watch Netflix HD

Ajith’s character in the film was perfect and his look was captivating.
Ajith and his fans liked the film very much.
Even more than 28 days have passed since the release of Thunivu
The film is a success in many theatres.
Netflix has bought the digital rights of the film for a huge sum.
Also, the satellite rights have been acquired by the Kalaignar TV company

Netflix released the movie Thunivu on Netflix OTD last February 8.
After this, the film Thadvu retained the number one position in India.
Apart from that the Malayalam and Telugu version of the movie Thunivu is also available in Hindi version
This film has been seen in the top ten list and many people are watching it continuously.

And it’s the most watched movie on Netflix this week
There will also be a Tamil Telugu Malayalam Kannada version of Thunivu.
So many people like this movie. Also, this film is continuously trending in Arab countries.

No one would have expected Ajith’s Thunivuu to get such a big box office hit.
Ajith’s phenomenal growth further raises the expectations for his next film

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