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Do you know who is the director of AK62?

AK 62 Thunivu was Thala Ajith’s last film released on January 11th
This movie has received a good reception from the fans and a good collection

At this stage, Ajith’s 62nd film is directed by Vignesh Sivan
It has already been officially announced

Thangalaan songs completed by GV Prakash

Anirudh said that Lyca Productions will produce the film
It was officially announced last March that he was going to compose music
Suddenly, Vigneshwana, the director of the film, has been removed from the film.

AK 62 – Ajith

Thala Ajith is currently gearing up for his next film
All the shooting for this film is scheduled to take place in the first week of February


It has already been confirmed that Nayanthara’s love interest Vignesh Sivan will be directing this film

It is at this stage that the story of Vignesh Sivan’s 62nd movie is already there
Ajith did not like it and asked to change some changes in the plot
 Ajith, who changes like that, is not satisfied with the story.

Vignesh Sivan’s production house Lyca is repeating the same story
He told the production company again.

They didn’t like that story either, so it was decided to make a film on a different story
It has almost been 8 Religions since the announcement of the film.

It is in this situation that Lyca Productions company actor Ajith Vignesh Sivan
This is the story he told when there was a negotiation going on between them
Actor Ajith did not like him and the production company.


We are not satisfied with this story that there has been such a delay
And the production company and actor Ajith are saying to refine the story.

Actor Ajith Kumar

As a result, Vignesh Sivan is not going to direct Ajith’s 62nd film
You first prepare the story like I am finishing a film
Ajith has said that the production company is also committed to the same.

Due to this, Vignesh Sivan is out of Ajith’s 62nd film
But it is also said that Vignesh Sivan will direct Ajith’s 63rd film.

It is in this situation that Ajith’s 62nd film is already with Ajith
Vishnuvaran Vishnuvaradhan who directed the films Billa and Arambam.

It was said that he will direct Ajith’s 62nd film but if we see it now
Vishnuvardhan did not direct Ajith’s 62nd film.


AK 62 Movie

Instead, famous director Magiz Thirumeni will direct Ajith’s 62nd film
It has been reported that Ajith has said OK to  Magiz Thirumeni.

He is already a Thadaiyara thaakka, Meaghamann, thadam and
kalaga thalaivan in the movement  These films are released.

It is said that Majid  Magiz Thirumeni  is going to direct an
action film with Ajith, no matter what Ajith’s next film is ready soon.

It is also said that the shooting of the film will begin in February itself
It is also said that an official announcement regarding this will be released soon.


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