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Thalapthy vijay starrer varisu movie full Review

Varisu Movie Thalapathy Vijay’s upcoming film Varisu is directed by Vamsi Padi Palli in which Vijay is paired with
Raj Mika Mandhana and
Thaman has composed the music for this film.

The highly anticipated successor film Vijay has chosen a commercial that is
full of family sentiment action scenes in his previous films
which usually have more action scenes Telugu director Vamsi  Padi Palli   
has given this successor film in the vein of some of his previous Telugu hit films.

Although Vijay doesn’t have many action sequences throughout, his emotions and performances definitely have the potential to impress the audience
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Vijay has danced very wonderfully in this film, his dance is sure to make
his fans celebrate as much as Vijay makes them enjoy.

Sarathkumar who can be a big business man has three sons Srikanth and Sham
Vijay is living a life he likes as he feels that his life is not going according to his will so he
fights with his father and leaves home.


mother comes home for Dad’s 60th wedding anniversary  Vijay Thalapathy father 
Sarathkumar is diagnosed with cancer and mother secretly tells Vijay only.
Thus the responsibility of taking care of their company comes to Thalapathy Vijay


As the main responsibility in the family is given to Thalapathy Vijay, the brothers Aana Srikanth Sham leave the house

The story of the film is how Thalapathy Vijay overcomes these two problems,
family on one side and Prakashraj on the other side business enemy.

Thalapathy Vijay is struggling with how to keep a family united, what is a family and what is a family

Vijay is trying to make my brothers and my father understand what family is

A story about very beautiful family relationships, but if it was taken as a pressure-corrected story,
the film would have been a little deeper to impress.


But the lack of emotional delivery is the film’s biggest weakness Varisu Movie

When there are many sentimental scenes, even if there are occasions for it,
it doesn’t connect us to the story and the screenplay is a big letdown

This film is in the same position as any film that fails to bring the audience into the script.

In the film, Thalapathy Vijay is described as the hero of the film, and as befits it,
he plays in sentimental scenes, comedy scenes and romantic scenes in the action scenes of the film.

But he did not play the whole game and that is the flaw of the film,
Vamsi has failed to tell the family story emotionally anywhere.


Varisu Movie

As this film is a commercial film with a family sentiment,
Rajmika, the heroine of this film, does not have much work in the film as usual.

 The character for Ranjithamey is set up as if he dances only in the song After Thalapathy Vijay in the film,
Sarathkumar and his mother Jayasudha are the only two important characters

Although Prakashraj is the villain, he has only given a typical performance Yogi Babu tries to make us laugh only in a few places in the first half
and in some places he even makes us laugh

Other songs were not liked by the fans and there was less celebration by the fans in the theaters ,

Vijay was born in a rich family so his house was built grandly Also, the Rose Royce car that he can own is his company cable,
and all three of these are shown in the film


It is painful to treat the film almost like a serial in one place, mainly the house

Despite being a very rich family, Vijay’s family often fights with other members of the family in front of them

Since it is a story of a rich family, it is unlikely that it will be close to the common family fans,
The film crew should have at least reduced the blue of the film Varisu and that too Varisu Movie

The story and visuals are not engaging and the plot is not set up to keep the audience emotionally engaged.

A family story is enough to ask what is sentiment among directors who can take it without dearth of sentiment.


Only For Fans

Varisu Movie Telugu director Vamsi has written the screenplay of this film Especially in this film mother sentimental song was kept

But the sentimental scenes between Vijay and his mother were not exactly engaging and eye-catching for the fans, Anang said.

In every promotion of the movie it was said that this movie is an emotional drama sentimental movie
that will definitely be an eye-opener for the audience but there is nothing which makes it a painful experience for the audience.

We can enjoy watching Vijay who can give a timing comedies with the old sense of humor and nothing else to say.
Some scenes of the film have been set as some evidence that he is a Telugu director If Vijay fans want this film, 

they can say aha ok, but if this situation continues,
Vijay will have to do the same films continuously and his fans will have to watch it.


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