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Sivakarthikeyan ready for Maveeran re-shoot

Maaveeran Actor Sivakarthikeyan’s last movie Prince was released as a Diwali special
This one movie came out and faced mixed reviews among the fans.

Sivakarthikeyan is currently acting in the movie Maveeran
The film is directed by Madon Ashwin, who directed the Mandela film.

Sivakarthikeyan is currently acting in Maveeran, directed by Madon Ashwin, who directed the Mandela film.

Aditi Shankar is playing opposite Sivakarthikeyan in this movie Miskin is playing an important role in this movie.

Maaveeran is being made in two languages, Tamil and Telugu, to replace the already
released film Prince starring Sivakarthikeyan.


Sivakarthikeyan got a huge opening in Telugu with good reception.
Rumors continue to surface that there are some issues with the release of Maaveeran.

SK Maaveeran movie

Madon Ashwin, the director of the film, is already an actor for him
Sivakarthikeyan also had a difference of opinion when the film was being shot
The shooting for the film was halted midway.

After the production company talked to both of them one way and convinced them both
The shooting for the film has resumed.

Questions about whether the film will be completed have been put to an end.

That is, on Pongal day, Maveeran film team released a video and wished everyone Pongal
Sivakarthikeyan Aditi Shankar Saritha and Maveeran film team participated in it.


It is also said that Sivakarthikeyan did not like that some scenes were already shot for Maaveeran.

Due to this, Madon Ashwin and Sivakarthikeyan clashed and the shooting was stopped.

Again and again Madon Ashwin and Sivakarthikeyan are clashing
They have decided to re-shoot some scenes.

As Sivakarthikeyan is forced to give a hit now
Only if he is satisfied that he observes every scene
He is said to say OK.

This is why now some scenes for Maveeran movie
It has been decided to re-shoot


After all those works are completed for Maaveeran movie
It is also reported that the film crew will announce the release screen.

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