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Aranmanai 4th Part is Coming

Aranmanai 4 The movie Aranmanai was released on 19th September 2014 directed by Sundar C.
This movie was directed by Sundar C.

Also in this film, Hansika Motwani as Vinai, Andrea , Roy Lakshmi Santhanam,
Kowai Sarala , Manophala and many others acted in this film.

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The film Aranmanai was released and received a good response from the audience
and collected a huge collection.

The budget of the film was said to be 12 crores, but the film collected.
more than 65 crores and made a huge record.


Aranmanai 4

After this, the movie Aranmanai 2 directed by Sundar C was released
and he also acted in the movie directed by Sundar C

Starring Trisha Hansika Motwani Siddharth Poonam Bajwa Kowai Sarala Suri Manophala

This film was released on January 29, 2016 with a budget of 15 crores
But the film collected more than 39 crores

The film Aranmanai 2 was well received if it was a film mixed with comedy horror in Sundar C’s cinema journey

As a sequel to this, 3 parts of the palace were released in this film directed by Sundar C
Also Arya Rasik Khanna Andrea Sakshi Agarwal Vivek and many others acted in this film


If you look at the budget of  Aranmanai 3, the film was made for 22 crores, but the film collected 50 crores.

The expected comedy and scares in the film horror seen in hindsight as the film lacked proper visuals

But it must be said that the film showed a huge collection

Directed by Sundar C, the recent release of the film, Coffee with Kaadhal, did not go well

Aranmanai Movie Next Part Coming Soon

Thus he has decided to make the 4th part of Sundar C’s Favorite movie Aranmanai.
The first phase of the work has been completed rapidly


Currently, Sundar C has decided to cast Makal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi in the film Aranmanai 4 and
it is said that Santhanam may also star in the film.

The film is produced by Lyca Company.
The shooting of the film is going to be done in the first or second week of March.

The film was a huge hit with a huge budget and apart from that the first part
and the second part of the movie Aranmanai was a huge hit.

It is also said that this Aranmanai will form the fourth part
Sundar C also says that this film will be a big turning point for him

Vijay Sethupathi has already acted in horror films, his first film was Pizza and his last film was Anubelle Sethupathi.


It is also worth noting that Vijay Sethupathi is currently acting in the fourth part of the movie Aranmanai 4.

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