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How is Jayam Ravi’s film Agilan

Agilan Movie After the huge success of Ponniyin Selvan , Jayam Ravi is now acting
The released movie is Agilan
This film is directed by Kalyana Krishnan who already has Jayam Ravi
He had given the movie Bhoologam.
Priya Bhavani Shankar has acted opposite Jayam Ravi in ​​this film
Sam CS has composed the music for the film

Mysskin shared about the Leo Movie

The trailer of Akhilan has already released and has created good expectations among the fans

A group of gangs has been continuously carrying out various types of illegal activities by sea internationally.
Harish Peradi is the only man in the Chennai port who does many jobs for the gang.

Jayam Ravi is the only person who can work as his servant, despite Harish Beradi at one point
He wants to meet Tarun Arora, the head of the international gang.
That one kidnap gets the leader’s attention and Harish Peradi takes over the place.
Jayam Ravi aspires to buy a ship on his own and do public service through it.
Security officer Chirag Jani and Tarun Arora stood in the way
The rest of the film revolves around what happens next to stop the ship belonging to Jayam Ravi from running.


Agilan Movie

If the story of the film is told along with the plot
It could have been better but there were some glitches

We could not fully enjoy the film from the beginning to the end
The reason for this is that there is no pressure in the story and characters of the film.
But Jayam Ravi carries the entire film on his shoulders and tries to save it as much as possible

As how to rise above using his brain and not just being a slave
Step by step Jayam Ravi climbs up to give an active hand
The plot and screenplay did not help Agilan

Siraj Chani plays a troublesome port security officer opposite Ravi.
JayamRavi believes the story. Villain Tarun believes what Akora says.
So his character is a little weak.

agilani’s girlfriend is Priya Bhavani Shankar, a police officer
If you are supportive of your lover and expect him to do something big
He comes and goes only in a few places


Taniya Ravichandran has played the role of agilan’s father in flashback
It is also a character without pressure

Jayam Ravi Agilan

Ravi’s performance in Agilan movie is commendable.
He carries the entire burden of the film single-handedly.
But it has to be said that it did not get the proper result
The story characters of the film are not that enjoyable

It’s a pity that even the little bit of excitement in the first half is lost in the second track

The whole movie comes off as a villain and a person who uses bad words a lot
Jayam Ravi suddenly becomes good towards the end of the film and is already doing public service
The old story that we are used to seeing in Tamil cinema is told with a little change in the story field

Sam CS has composed the music for the film.
That means the background music rather than the songs of the film
It will appeal to the fans but that is not taken into account in this film.


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