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Dhanush is Vaathi Full Movie Review

Vaathi Movie Dhanush’s currently released movie is Vaathi
This movie is directed by Telugu director Venky Atluri and Dhanush is in this movie
GV Prakash Kumar has composed the music for the film starring Samyukta.
Vaathi movie has been released with great anticipation.
This movie was supposed to release last December
Thefilm got delayed due to some issues and has now been released.
Already the teaser trailer songs of the film have received good support among the fans.

How is the first single song of Maaveeran?

Vaathi has been released simultaneously in both Tamil and Telugu languages.

Vaathi has made the film in the background of the educational business that emerged in the 1990s.
Specifically, the story is set in the period between 1998 and 2000.

And to the great points of looking at education as a business
The story of the film is about the heated debates that can happen between a teacher who sees education as a service.


Vaathi Movie Review

Choose good teachers in government schools for huge amounts
Private educational institutes are hiring.
Due to this, there is a shortage of teachers in government schools, which leads to closure of schools
This is a problem for the government. Private school institutions have adopted the idea of ​​running a government school.
In private schools they send poor quality teachers to government schools.
But Dhanush is going through various challenges
He makes Cholavaram Govt School achieve 100 percent pass rate.
He tries to make them doctors, engineers, lawyers, and then he gets problems
The rest of the story of the film is whether he made the students who believed in him pass or not. If you look at the plot of the film,
Vaathi movie is made in two languages Tamil and Telugu.
Cholavaram a town on the Andhra Tamil Nadu border has been taken as the plot.
And so the question is whether it is a Tamil film or a Telugu film
They are thinking that they can take care not to come. However, watching Vaathi gives the impression that it is a dubbed film.
And most of the actors who could have acted in this film are all Telugu actors Telugu cinema has its own uniqueness.
Both the films have their own uniqueness to Tamil films Asymmetrical arrangement.
Dhanush who can be rich as an instrumentalist has done his character perfectly.
He struggles to accept the Speaker ship assigned to him and achieve it somehow.

Vaathi Full Movie Review

We should feel that his struggle and great effort must somehow succeed
Because we didn’t get that feeling, the film didn’t go down well with the fans
The director has taken this film to such an extent.
Similarly, Samyudha comes as a teacher in a government school and Dhanush’s love interest
I have to say that Dhanush has done the job given to him. He doesn’t have many scenes.
Samyukta is given to her in this film which is the kind of character that all films get for the heroine.

As always, the same old story we have already seen is the dysfunctional government school
The problem is for teachers who can invite students to school
The plot of this film is the same story that fans have seen many films
The image of many films can be seen in this one film.
The sentimental stuff is set up well at a few places in the film but at other places
Such sentimental scenes are not taken. It has to be said that it did not impress the fans.
GV Prakash Kumar’s song Vaa Vaathi is the background music for everyone to enjoy
Very well laid out.
Vaathi keeps 100% students to pass. However, Vathi took 35 marks
He is in the position of just passing.

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