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Why did Vishal tattoo MGR’s image?

vishal gets mgr tattoo Revolutionary leader MGR who came to prominence as the
leading actor in the 70’s period of Tamil cinema

Many of his films are also in the way of telling opinions to the people

 The songs in the film are especially thought provoking

Suriya 42 Actress Disha Patani Glamor Photo Shoot

Although MGR is a leading actor in cinema, he is very involved in politics


He is also an ardent supporter of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
Mr. He was also a staunch believer of Annathurai

In cinema and meeting people for the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
It was MGR who was paying more attention

While working together in the party for a period

MGR left the party due to problems in the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party

He started a party called All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
Three times in the short span of the party’s inception
He continued to retain the post of Chief Minister


To that extent, he is an actor who has the most influence among the people in Tamil Nadu
Revolutionary leader MGR also became a political celebrity

Even today many people would say that the reign of revolutionary leader MGR was the golden age
MGR has done so much good for the people

MGR – Vishal gets mgr tattoo

Vishal has said many times on many platforms and festivals that he is an ardent fan of the actor

Actor Vishal confirmed it in his chest
Like having MGR’s photo tattooed
He posted a photo

Does actor Vishal really have MGR tattooed on his chest?


Or maybe he’s getting a tattoo for a movie Vishal might star in
We don’t know that, but we can say that soon everyone will get clarity about it

And photos where Vishal might have MGR’s photo tattooed on his chest
It is now going viral on websites

Not only that but also Vishal and his fans
Is MGR’s ardent fan tattooed on Vishal’s chest?
They are surprisingly asking for MGR’s photo

Actor Vishal is currently acting in the film Mark Antony

Trisha Illati Nayanthara this one movie
The movies Abarabavan Asarathavan Adangathavan Bagheera
Aadhik Ravichandran, who can be the director, is directing


Ritu Varma is playing opposite Vishal in this film
Also SJ Surya Sunil and others are acting in this film
GV Prakash Kumar is composing the music for the film

Mark Antony’s upcoming movie
They have decided the shooting location in March.

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